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The investment objective of the MSCI AC Asia Index Sector Fund (MXAS) is to replicate as closely as possible the performance, before expenses, of each of the 11 sectors of the MSCI All Country (AC) Asia (MXAS) index. The MXAS index includes large and mid-cap securities across both developed and emerging markets in Asia.  MSCI Inc. uses investability filters and free-float market capitalization to determine the weights of each security.  All securities in the index are classified as per the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS®).

Each of the 11 sector sub-funds are constructed by taking the more than 1,300 securities in the MXAS index, segregating them into their respective GICS® sectors and then using those securities as components for that specific sector fund. 

The MSCI AC Asia Index Sector Fund is an institutional and accredited investor fund.

Key Features of the Fund

Key Features of the Fund

The MSCI AC Asia Index Sector Fund (MXAS) invests in the hundreds of securities that form the MSCI AC Asia (MXAS) index. This allows investors an efficient and cost-effective way to gain exposure to Asia's leading companies.

Sector Exposure and Diversifcation – By investing in the MSCI AC Asia Index Sector Fund (MXAS), investors are well diversified across 12 different Asian country markets.

Flexibility and Control – Investors have unprecedented flexibility and control over how their portfolios are constructed. Invest fully in the MSCI AC Asia Index Sector Fund (MXAS) for a purely passive investment. Alternatively, by overweighting, underweighting or equal weighting specific sectors, investors can construct portfolios with specific risk-reward profiles that fit their medium to long-term investment objectives.

Performance – Based on research by S&P Indices Versus Active (SPIVA®), less than 20% of actively managed funds have beaten the market over the last five years. By focusing on beta risk, investors will get returns very close to the overall market or sector performance.

Liquidity – The underlying portfolio consists of publicly listed stocks of major companies and is highly liquid.

Cost – As a index based fund, costs are kept low. These savings are passed back to investors. Over time, lower costs translate into higher returns for investors.


Copper Basin Capital Pte. Ltd. is the investment manager of the index funds. This is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of any offer to buy any securities in any fund managed by Copper Basin Capital Pte. Ltd. (Singapore Registration Number 200615887N).  

  • Benchmark MSCI AC Asia Index (MXAS)
    Base Currency US dollar
    Portfolio Holding 1,300+ of the largest Asian companies diversified across 12 Asian country markets and 11 sectors
    Portfolio Weights Free-float market capitalization
    Portfolio Rebalancing The index is reviewed quarterly - in February, May, August and November - with the objective of reflecting change in the underlying equity markets in a timely manner, while limiting undue index turnover. During the May and November semi-annual index reviews, the index is rebalanced and the large and mid capitalization cutoff points are recalculated.
    Portfolio Dividends Dividends net of withholding taxes are automatically reinvested
    Replication Methodology Representative sampling
    Manager Copper Basin Capital Pte. Ltd.